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APCA Dragons
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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

APCA Dragons 5th Practice

Hello Team,

Thank you for those who attended the fourth session.

5th session will be more timing and endurance training.
I have it on our schedule that we start at 8:30am since we do not have to go over the basics anymore but I am using 8:00am check-in on this EVITE.
It is very IMPORTANT to sign-up YES or NO, I need to receive positive response.

We have another extra credit boot camp session this weekend.
Be sure to bring your shoes and towel.

Schedule for 7/8/17
8:00-8:30am - Check in
8:30-8:45am – Warm up & Set up line up for boat
8:45-8:55am - Gear up and line up at the beach
9:00-9:55am - On the water practice
10:00-10:15am - Possibly bring up boat and clean
10:15-10:30am - Cool down stretch
10:30-10:45am – Debriefing
10:45-11:30am – Boot Camp

Please contact me if you have any questions and look for latest info in our blog http://apcadragons.blogspot.com, Facebook: APCA Dragons and on Twitter: APCA_Dragons.

Thomas Yoo

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