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APCA Dragons
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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Home Work 3 Assignement

Home work for this week is to work on our SYNC.
I love LINKIN PARK song BLEED IT OUT and it matches with our race pace.
Lyric also says DIGGING DEEPER which sounds like Dragon Boat to me.

So...Home work this week is to do SHADOW PADDLING to LINKIN PARK song BLEED IT OUT.
You are going to paddle in the air but with the twist, set, catch, pull, recover while matching the beat to this song.
Official song is 2 minutes 44 seconds so it's about 500 meters time so shouldn't be a problem without the water resistance.
I just did this on both sides and I'm sweating.

Official Linkin Park video

Lyrics video

Here's the video that approximately matches this rate.

You can also use MUSE song UPRISING which has little slower beat so this may be a better race pace.
I like this song because I like the chorus WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS.
Of course this song is little longer at 4 minutes and 32 seconds on the official video.

Official MUSE video

Here's the video that approximately matches this rate.

Now sit on a chair and position yourself then click this link and paddle.  Of course you will have to post that you have done this on either at our blog or facebook.


  1. Did the virtual rowing to the Linkin Park video; how did you know that I like Linkin Park :-).

  2. That's excellent job John!

    Linkin Park is one of my favoirite band.