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APCA Dragons
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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Long Beach Dragon Boat Festival Results

Hello Team,

It was an exciting race this weekend.

Our Corporate team pulled up Bronze medal even with person getting hurt on board.
What an accomplishment, so congratulations!

We were also featured in Press Telegram. (picture 7)

We also have cheering section featured as well. (picture 6)

Our Platinum team, comprised of all brand new paddlers, while fought hard came in 4th place just 0.3 seconds behind the 3rd place in their division.

Our Titanium team came in 5th place in their division missing the medal by just 5 seconds.

Here's the link to the result: 

What we have to remember is that we put in 100% and we did not leave anything out there in the water (NO REGRETS!), so be proud that you have just competed world class race with team that does this year round.

Thank you all for another exciting season.


Thomas Yoo

P.S. I will send out another email about Lake Gregory Race

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  1. It was a year ago when I first met you Thomas Yoo. "Yoo" got me hooked on this crazy sport and convinced me to join a year round team. As a result I'm healthier and stronger today. This is the reason my allegiance will always be to APCA. Thanks for yet another awesome and successful Long Beach Dragonboat season! We all appreciate your hard work and dedication. See you on the water...