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APCA Dragons
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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

APCA Dragons Practice 5 - 6/29/13 & Home Work

Hello Team,

Get ready for our fifth practice this Saturday 6/29/13 so please let me know if you will be attending since I’ll be using it to create boat roster. Also remember to come early and check-in so that you get credit for attendance so that we can be on the water as soon as possible.  We’ll also have boot camp class before paddling so sign up on separate EVITE at View This Invitation
Please contact me if you have any questions and look for latest info in our blog http://apcadragons.blogspot.com, Facebook: APCA Dragons and on Twitter: APCA_Dragons.
Thank you.

Here's the basic logistics of the day so plans to be here all day as a team. It would be even good idea to bring light lunch since you'll be here about 5 hours.

09:00-09:45am - Land Workout (Boot Camp)
10:30-10:45am - Warm up stretch
10:45-11:00am - Gear up and line up
11:00-12:30pm - First 2 teams on the water practice
12:30-12:45pm - Bring up boat and clean
12:45-01:00pm - Cool down stretch
01:00-02:00pm - Third team on the water practice
02:00-02:15pm - Bring up boat and clean
02:15-02:30pm - Cool down stretch
02:30-02:45pm - Info session

This week's home work will be in 2-parts since we were off for one week.

Part 1:  Race Start
Practice your race start by imagining you are at the start line and hear “WE HAVE AN ALIGNMENT”…“PADDLERS, ARE YOU READY”…”ATTENTION”…***HORN or ANY OTHER SOUND*** then do 6 deep strokes motion, 16 ups (faster strokes but at the front only), and finally 10 deep strokes (Power 10).  Practice this 10 times.

Part 2: Cardio 
Can you run/jog for 3 minutes?

Bronze: 4 mph
Silver: 5 mph
Gold: 6 mph
Platinum: 7 mph
Anything equivalent is also fine.

After you complete one of the levels then you can either send me an email or post to our blog at http://apcadragons.blogspot.com/ or post to facebook by this Friday 6pm PT.

This will be counted toward the Participation Award.

I have sent an email last week with 3 questions for the race day.
So far I have received 31 responses.
Please respond if you have not done so yet.

Let’s all put in 100%!

Thank you all.

Thomas Yoo

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  1. Home work 1 and 2 are done (Gold). I'll try on a track with spikes to see if I can reach 7 mph. I'm not sure how accurate Garmin GPS's are on the street compared to a treadmill.