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APCA Dragons
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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hello Team,

I wanted to share the message from Allan since not everyone has facebook.

Hey everyone! Just wanted to write you guys a message, and if some of the APCA Dragons don't have Facebook and you could pass this message along to those people, it would be really appreciated =).

When I coached for you guys the very first time, I was super nervous and anxious because I didn't know how everyone would react to a 21 year telling them what to do in terms of paddling. However, when I heard people liked it and when Thomas told me to do it again, I started to get excited. In those 8 weeks Curtis, Andy, Zina, Thomas, and I all pushed you guys despite that you were a festival team. I think deep down we could all sense you guys had that inner competitive side to you (and the tournament definitely proved that) and that you wanted to push a bit more. I honestly didn't know how everyone would do during the tournament...but the results were a bit shocking to me honestly. You took on and hung with year-round teams that train much more and you guys took 3rd in your division even with year-round teams as competition...and all with only 8 - 10 practices under your belts. I was, and still am so happy for you guys and extremely proud. You really shocked some people at the tournament and I had so, so, so much fun calling for your races. It was truly an honor and pleasure being your caller, and I hope all of you will now walk around with a bit more pride (along with that jersey! :P) and confidence, because it is absolutely clear that you earned it. Thank you so very much for letting me call for your races, and for embracing me as a fellow teammate.


  1. .. Allan , Curtis, Zina and Andy, you all ROCK! thanks for the "encouraging & motivational" words. Big props to Thomas & Niccole for running the show....I went into to this whole Dragonboat thing thinking it'd be a good way to get healthier.. got more than I bargained for!.. got healthier (lost 15 lbs and 2in of my waist).. got chiseled body.. ok maybe not chiseled got less pudgy or "pudgy less".. met good peeps and we "sucked less" enough to earn a bronze medal! good times and great memories, much love and JOY to everyone.. til next time...

  2. Wow! Great promo!
    Is this Joy?