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APCA Dragons
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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hello Team,
Congratulation to Brandon! He is the first one to complete and post the workout homework. Platinum Level!!
I loved that this was posted to APCA Dragons blog page.
I would also like to congratulate second person Sandy! She also completed Platinum Level homework and emailed right after Brandon.
We have 2 large boats for this weekend at the same time so be there early to have time to warm-up and set-up to get full hour of practice.
Niccole and Zina will be running the practice.
I will be starting to create race roster so let me know by end of June (earlier the better) if you can make it to both days of the race 7/28-7/29 and your weight (it will be kept private).
We'll probably have more people coming to practice then we'll even take out a third boat.
FYI - I saw a BIG 5 ad this week selling PFD for $17.99. Best deal I've seen so far.
Thank you.


  1. I also did my part and completed Platinum level!


  2. You will be missed! Unfortunately, i don't think i can make it tomorrow. :( i am animal sitting because my animal sitter got sick with food poisoning!