APCA Dragons

APCA Dragons
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Saturday, July 12, 2014

APCA Dragons Last Practice

Hello Team,

This will be our last practice before the big race.
We will be practicing racing.  Be sure to focus on timing and rotation.

I found that high intensity interval workout seems to work best for dragon boat racing.
We will have meeting after the practice to go over the race logistics.

Please respond to EVITE by Tuesday 7/15/14 so that we can make the roster for the practice who will be on which boat.  This is VERY IMPORTANT!

If you have not done the online safety exam then you must to that also. Think of this as open book test.  This is a requirement to be able to race.

12:00-12:30pm - Sign-in and pick up team shirts
12:30-12:45pm - Warm-up
12:45-1:00pm - Get ready and line up at the boat
1:00-2:00pm - Race sets
2:00-2:20pm - Clean up boats
2:20-2:35pm - Stretch
2:35-3:00pm - Go over important items for the race
3:00-5:00pm - Team bonding?

Please contact me if you have any questions and look for latest info in our blog http://apcadragons.blogspot.com, Facebook: APCA Dragons and on Twitter: APCA_Dragons.

Thomas Yoo

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