APCA Dragons

APCA Dragons
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Monday, August 1, 2011

2011 Long Beach Dragon Boat Festival

Hello Team,

Thank you all for coming out this weekend to compete in the Long Beach Dragon Boat Festival.
You guys did AWESOME job!
We trained for this race and we did our best and came out with best results ever.

APCA's 500 meter record was broken by 20 seconds.
2011 2:25:95
2010 2:40:96
2009 2:41:19
2008 2:54:76

I noticed that we also broke 200-meter record as well by 1.5 seconds.
2011 1:01:92
2010 1:07:17
2009 1:02:41

I like to thank our co-coach Robert and co-captain Niccole for help making our team great!
Thank you all the team members for participating and congratulations to those who won the Participation Award.

Thank you APCA and Mina for another fun event!

Finish it!

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